Author Topic: Need help identifying a long rifle  (Read 2921 times)


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Need help identifying a long rifle
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Greetings and salutations~

this muzzle loader rifle was passed down to me from my great, great, great grandfather and I believe he owned it around the mid 1800s. So far I'm unable to find any indication as to its make or model and was hoping one of you kind folks recognized anything about the rifle or could point me in the right direction to find out this information.

Thanks a bunch!

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Re: Need help identifying a long rifle
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Welcome to the forum you have come to the right place for opinions.... may not be good ones or correct but opinions none the less. You have a nice mid 1800's half stock smooth rifle by the looks of the photos. You will need to take more photos of the stock with better lighting the current one is hard to see. The lock side view of just the stock ie no barrel past the fore end, the triggerguard full length top view so we can see the inlet portions of the guard, top view of the barrel tang and wrist area . There can be filing details on this part of the TG that can be helpful to form opinions about the region of manufacture. Have you had the barrel off the stock? Some times there are marks that will help with identification on the underside of the barrel.
The Where did your G-G-Grandad live? That some times can have some helpful information. Some of the problem with Identifying this type of firearm is that during this time period there were people selling a wide variety of gun parts out of catalogs and folks from around the country were buying them and using them so someone in the south could get the same parts as someone in Ohio. Pretty tough to nail down unless you can find a particular modification done to these parts that are evident on a signed piece then you can make a attribution or give a closer estimate on where or who the builder may have been. Post these additional Photos and lets see what we can make of this nice piece of family history.
Dave B
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Re: Need help identifying a long rifle
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Thanks Dave,,, I will take some detailed pics with better lighting and look into removing the stock as well. I'm fairly certain that G-G-G-Grandad was in Texas when he bought/owned this rifle.

thanks again~