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Most of you guys probably saw this, but if not, in the ALR Virtual Museum there is a fine original iron mounted rifle, by a relatively early (as far as iron mounted southern guns go) Georgia maker named Richard Allen.  There are also the original bag and fine little banded horn that have been passed down through the family with the rifle.  The bag and horn are worthy of their own post and are truly "accoutrements" with the rifle, and it is rare to see so fine a set maintained together so that we can study the bag and horn in the context of the rifle they served, an approximate region and timeframe.  Enjoy.


G. Elsenbeck:
Thanks for bringing that to out attention Guy!   Great bag and horn!


Ian sent those photos in last week - I just though some of you guys who are more interested in the bags and horns might have missed it since it was attached to the files with the gun photos.


Frank Barker:
We sometimes tend to get away from the simplicity of the old original pouches. The k-i-s-s principle applied in most all of the old ones. Thanks for the reminder and with sharing  the rare beauty of plain old simple......Frank

I think sometimes Southern rifle makers, Ga. in particular, don't get as much credit as they deserve.  From what I've seen Southern made rifles and paraphernalia compare with the best made anywhere in the colonies and (later) states.  One of the finest displays I've seen was an exhibit at the UGA Museum of Art a good number of years back.  All rifles were made in Ga. by Ga. gun makers and all of them were original.  The artistry was first rate with use of silver wire, gold inlays as well as carving & engraving being particularly masterful.  All the accoutrements were similarly impressive.  The photographs of the Allen rifle & equipment are a good example.


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