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Nicholas Hawk 090315-4
« on: March 17, 2009, 10:43:31 PM »
Nicolas Hawk Percussion Swivel Breech rifle.
Barrels; About 36 inches long, tapered, .850 at breech and .740 at muzzle.
38 cal rifled, and 44 cal smooth.
Overall length; 51 inches.
Length of pull; 13 7/8 inches.
Drop to heel of stock; 4 inches.
Butt thickness; 1 3/8 inches.


Interesting! It's certainly very recognizable as Hawk's work, though I'd never seen or heard of a swivel-breech by him.

A great swivel breech rifle, with a multitude of Hawk's better details. It doesn't need much discussion, just grease the skids and slid it along to the museum. A great swivel breech was illustrated years ago in "The Kentucky Rifle" by Merrill Lindsay, in his picture book on fine Kentuckies. However, this one, while converted to percussion, has some even finer details on it.

This is indeed one of Hawk's finest efforts. I have seen and handled the gun many times and it is a dandy. As it happens, this appears to be an original percussion rifle made by Hawk. On minute examination there are no indications that any holes were filled in the bosses on the barrels, nor is the stock relieved for the cock rest. All the engraving is in his hand, as well. Hawk did make some percussion rifles although far fewer in number than the flint guns. Let me say that the owner wishes it were flint.
As it happens, I had the opportunity to look at a percussion Hawk single barrel rifle and it too was made as a percussion, even though Hawk modified a flint lock plate to do the job.

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