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Baum, Samuel 100702-1
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Baum, Samuel  ( -1842). gunsmith. 1789-1840, New Berlin, Union County.  Before 1802 New Berlin was in Northumberland County.  In 1821 there was a Samuel Baum in Mahoning Township, Columbia County  [tax; Juniata and Susquehanna Valleys, II, 1407; Gardner, Small Arms Makers, p. 14; Battle, Montour County, p. 93].  In 1829 Baum's name was crossed off the tax list of New Berlin.  His will was probated in 1842 and named sons Charles, Samuel, Jacob, Henry and Edward; and daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, Rachel, Louisa Ann and Susan Jane {Union County Will 16-W-1842}.  Courtesy of a Friend of the Library


This Baum has an interesting patchbox finial that I have observed on Jacob Frock rifles from the area (as well as others, including Wetzel).  There was a Baum barrel floating around for a while that had Jacob Frock's signatures numerous time on the bottom, perhaps indicating that it was a practice piece for signatures, which may explain an association between Frock and Baum.  This is a nice Baum, from what I can see, but there is definitely replaced wood along the barrel (as is common) and I would put this late in Senior's career or with Junior, who was more or less a contemporary of Long, Morrison and Dreisbach, Jr.

There are a few points that need corrected in the description.   Samuel Baum Sr. was born on 16 August 1769 at Springfield, Bucks, PA. He was the son of Charles Ludwig Baum (not a gunsmith that we know--his brother Charles is the make working in Union County with Samuel). Samuel Baum died on 2 October 1842 at New Berlin, Union, PA, at age 73.  New Berlin was part of Northumberland County until 1813, when Union was carved out of Northumberland.  Mahoning Township is the area in and around Danville, Montour County.  It was believed that Baum utilized mass production techniques early on, maintaining a factory in New Berlin and Danville.  I think Jr. was in Danville after his father closed down in New Berlin and Baum Jr. eventually came back to New Berlin and sporadically made rifles while taking on different pursuits, including innkeeper and postmaster. 
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