Author Topic: Gunmaking trade at Bethlehem, Christianís Spring and Nazareth from 1750 to 1800.  (Read 4371 times)

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Scott Gordon and Bob Lienemann have just published an article in the Journal of Moravian History which describes the gunmaking trade at Bethlehem, Christianís Spring and Nazareth from 1750 to 1800.  So much has been assumed about the men and boys in these shops.  This article shows who worked there and how their work changed over time, including two wars.  This is carefully documented history Ė not a photo book. It has 45 pages of text and only seven illustrations Ė two photos show the cheekpiece with star, wire inlay and barrel signature of one ďnewĒ Oerter rifle.  The article will not make you a better gunstocker, but will show how Albrecht, Oerter, and others worked within these carefully managed communities.

Unlike Scottís recent essays on Jacob Dickert and Andreas Albrecht which are available online, this one is not available anywhere online for free. You can purchase a copy of this issue of the Journal for $15 plus mailing. If interested, contact Kelly Givens at the Moravian Archives Bethlehem at (610 866 3255) or email her at  What little income they make from sales of issues of the Journal supports the Archives' efforts to make history available, and to support future research.

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