Author Topic: Lancaster Carving Patterns & Builder Books  (Read 3082 times)

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Lancaster Carving Patterns & Builder Books
« on: February 23, 2016, 07:37:49 PM »
For those beginning and intermediate gunmakers I offer 4 books for sale on gunmaking:
The Longrifle Construction Manual for Pre-Shaped Stocks, New Edition 2  $39.95+ shipping
There is no other How-To manual that specifically targets the issues building with pre-shaped stocks. Lots of professional tips and assistance.

The Book of Lancaster Carving Patterns $39.95 + shipping
The only book produced today containing full sized Lancaster School carving patterns. 108 pages

How to Heat Treat, Temper & Anneal  $15.95 + shipping
An easy to read manual on the heat treating and tempering of steel, annealing and cold working of non-ferrous metals, and processes the gunmaker can use to finish his own gun parts himself. Aimed at gunmakers (pardon the pun!)

The Johnson Record  $29.95 + shipping
Tracings by master gunmaker and restorator Dale Johnson of Tennessee. A lifetime collection of his tracings and patterns, carving patterns and gunmakers marks taken from original firearms.

Available at or inquire by email at to answer any questions or to quote shipping to Europe. Here to help those who want to learn the art of gun building.
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