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Tiger maple stock with old repaired crack.  The barrel has prominent straight rifling that starts about 3" from the muzzle. 41" barrel of which 14 1/2 is octagon from the breech to the nose. The nose cap looks to be silver but could be a very polished pewter. There is no patchbox.The butt is 3 3/4 wide and 1 3/8 thick. The tang is 4" 1 screw. Single trigger. Ashmore and son lock. There is a "D" a star and another letter to faint to make out on the flat of barrel. It could be a "S" "G" or "T'. The name "J.B. Wurst" is stamped in the bottom of brass butt plate. Iron ramrod with a slit with teeth for cleaning.45 cal at the rifling . A .490 ball will drop in and stop solid where the rifling starts. I presume it's 45 cal.

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