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090119-1 "AR"


Attached are photos of another of my iron mount rifles.  This rifle is signed on the barrel  "AR"  and some of the basic dimensions are as follows;
B...barrel length = 41"
C...length of pull = 13 3/4"
F...height of butt = 4 3/8"
K...drop of butt from line of sights = 2 1/2"
D...barrel width = .800"
Q...caliber = .36


"Jerry Noble had surveyed this rifle and listed it in his Vol 2 as;  "AR un-located mounted rifle.  Has a pewter herringbone nose cap, several pewter inlays.  Probably made north of Knoxville Tennessee, possibly one of the Rice family.  Iron hardware, walnut stock.  Possibly Clairborne County"

"There is a great deal of charm in this rifle. The architecture is heavy and artistic at the same time. The pewter and iron work are top flight, and the initialed barrel make it a very good gun to exhibit in the Library. Please post it. One like this will certainly delight the 'iron mounts' viewers and builders out there who are always looking for good pieces."


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