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090301-2 Mountain
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Here is a western entry that I love to shoot. This rifle is about .48 caliber and has a 41.5" barrel that is 1 1/8" across the flats.  Can't prove the Colorado connection, but the architecture screams it and the old fellow I got it from says that is where it came from.


Not sure that this is helpful except that others might recognize the style and have a signed one. From Sellers:
1. Walser, Edward B.   St. Louis, Mo    1893d
2. White, E. B.    Independence, Kansas   1878-1890d.
3. Willey, Enoch B.  Cherryfield, Maine  1850-1856    I/2 Stock percussion
Others with initials E. W. ( middle name or initial not known)
4. Woodruff, Ezra  Cincinnnati, OH 1820
5.Wright, E. Stanton, VA
6. Woodward, Edward   Baltimore, MD    1865d
8. Winters, Elija    Brandy's Mill, MD      1874-1881
9. Wessor, Edwin
10. Werker, Ebert  St Louis, MO   1850
11. Weiss, Ernest       Carlinville, IL    1867-1886d
12. Wolf, Elmer   Thurmont, MD  1868
13. West, Edward    New Liberty, Kentucky   1820

I really don't know anything about this rifle except it looks like a western mountain rifle.  It does have a couple of features that are rather unique to me and that might help match this rifle to others by the same hand.  The side opening cap box with the button in the comb of the rifle and the square step feature of the tang might just let us identify this rifle by comparison to other rifles with these features.
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