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(Dixie) 090404-1
« on: April 08, 2009, 03:13:35 PM »
Attached are photos of my rifle "Dixie"  This is a re-tread as it was posted to the antique section last year.  Any rate if it is appropiate to review this rifle for consideration as a Library entry....... here it is.  If this is all good and you want some other of my past ALR "antique section" posts I will forward them to you. 
This rifle may be a western North Carolina build?  Although I purchased this rifle out of Tennessee.  This rifle has a long swamped barrel and some of the RCA measurements are;     
 A- 61 3/8",...B- 46 1/4",...C- 12 7/8",...D- .950,...E- 1.60",...F- 4 5/8",...K-4 3/8",...Q- .40

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