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Re: Accuracy
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When I use the calipers (wide part of the jaws), I squeeze the jaws together with my fingers and still get roughly .003 to .004" increased thickness compared to my mic. This depends ont he weave of the cloth and the compressability of the material.  
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Re: Accuracy
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 In my limited experience with shooting I find one thing essential for shooting accurately.  That being faith.  I find that I must believe I can hit what I'm aiming at.  I must believe that my patch, ball and powder combination is good.  I must believe that my 200 year old type rifle with it's 200 year old sights will do what I want it too.  If I do not have this confidence I might as well stay home.  I find this to be true with my flintlocks, especially smooth bores.     

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Re: Accuracy
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54ball, you brought up a point everyone, including myself, seems to have overlooked; confidence in your gun.  I started back when I was an ignorant teenager (still ignorant, but that's another story) and considered a .45 muzzleloader "awesome".  That was my first "deer" rifle.  Since I didn't know any better I did fine with that gun and to this day prefer the .45.  I still do well with .45s.  Conventional wisdom has come a long way but I haven't.    I've always simply picked up my front stuffer & headed out without giving it a thought.  My friends were bemused and proudly displayed their magnums and bragged about the range & ballistics offered by those big cartridges.  I  usually got more deer, though.  I've just been presented with so few shots beyond 100 or so yards Ive never felt under gunned.  I even did fine on those few long shots.  Same with targets; I do fine (within the limitations of my aging eyes). 
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Re: Accuracy
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I always use .020 ticking and vary the ball size. Spit is always the preferd lube.