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Universal barrel coning tool by Ed Hamberg $64 pp in lower 48 states.

This procedure, in the present day is known as "coning". ie a "coned" muzzle. It was known in the 19th century  as "relieving", ie; a "relieved" muzzle and also as "funneling", ie a "funneled" muzzle. There is very little historical data written about this as the gunsmiths' apprentice was taught the "hands on" method and not from a text book. When these "hands on taught" gunsmiths passed on all their secrets died with them.  I have examined many original m-loading barrels and there is definitely a "funneling" at the muzzle. Some historians thought this "funneling" might be ram rod wear but that does not appear to be the case.  One of the most interesting statements about "coning" is that of the famous Bill Large (now deceased). Bill was one of the founding Fathers of the NMLRA and one of the earliest 20th century barrel makers  who helped pioneer the resurrection of the m-loading rifle. Bill Large barrels are coveted today. In a letter to John Baird who wrote "HAWKEN RIFLES, THE MOUNTAIN MANS CHOICE" Bill stated that he had re-bored and rifled 25 to 30 original Hawken barrels!!!!---- He also stated---"all were belled and showed signs of the funneling tool commonly used by most gunsmiths, as a request of the owner, to permit easy and fast reloading""""

I first began experimenting  coning muzzles when I heard that these tools being made as "caliber specific",ie; you had to have a separate tool for each caliber you wanted coned. These caliber specific tools had a slow taper and  removed a LOT of rifling deep into the bore. I wondered how much of the rifling HAD to be removed, and at what angle it had to be removed "to permit easy and fast reloading",  thus eliminating the use of a short starter.     
  I then handmade some prototypes  out of different materials, just to see if it really would work---AND IT DID!!!  I hand made many tools over the years and  I changed the specs. slightly each time to make it more universal. I finally was satisfied enough to go the the lathe and produce some out of pure yellow brass. Now you need only ONE TOOL!!!! This coning tool will work on those little .32 cal squirrel guns up to the big .75 cal "bore" guns. Here is a picture of the tool ready for a coning job. You will notice that the tool is centered in the bore by the use of your tightly patched cleaning jag .

Here the tool is being inserted into the muzzle to start the coning procedure

Here the tool is inserted and ready for use. (Tap handle not supplied with tool)

The coned barrel:

This is a .58 cal barrel with .10 rifling  . I will use an .18 pillow ticking patch

A .575 pure lead ball

Pushed in with thumb pressure:

An rammed down with a 3/8ths rod.

Here is the tool, only $59 pp in the Cont.USA

This .580 bore with .10 rifling was loaded with .18 pillow ticking and a .575 ball, all rammed home with a 3/8 rod, WITHOUT the use of a short starter!!!!ONLY   $59.00 pp in the Cont. USA. YOU supply the correct jag, a tap wrench handle and emery cloth. The tools are now made of SAE 660 bronze. >>>>>>>>>>>>E-mail me and tell me whether you want it in 8-32 thread or 10-32 thread....Thanks,.... Shoot straight,.... LOAD EASY....
Here is a link to the complete process:

Ed Hamberg
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