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S.G. 090414-1


Some RCA measurements that may be of interest;  A - 62 3/4....B - 45 3/4....C - 13 5/8....D - 7/8....E - 1 1/8....F - 4 5/16....H - 1 1/4....I - 1 1/8....K - 5....Q - .36.


In the recent past a discussion of ALR involved this barrel signature. I thought it was Samuel Grove but someone else was more convincing that it was someone else. I can't remember where the board was. If anyone does please retrieve the info. There have been 3 or more "S.G" guns in circulation; one of which I owned and sold ( brass mounted). One or two were sold by James Francis ( Virginia) on in the last 2 years.

One of the better iron guns around and has great inletting unlike many others. All parts fit into the wood very well. Looks like it has had some restoration which could use some recoloring, but otherwise is good. Date in box bottom is interesting and appears to be correct.



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