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Muzzle Blast, October, 1970 "A Longrifle of Note"

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This is a scan of a rifle I have admired for many years (Since October 1970).  It impressed me enough that I took the Muzzle Blast to work and ran several copies of it on the Xerox machine.  The name on the silver inlay in the top barrel flat is John Coons in capital letters.  The stock architecture reminds me of the Joseph Whitson rifles I have seen (See Bill Ivey's book and Jim Kibler's web site...and the one I built) but the xerox copy is not very good so I am not sure.  The patch box appears to have a screw in the forward end reminiscent of the NC Deep River school and that architecture also seems to fit.  I have searched for information on this rifle but have come up empty.  Does anyone have information or thoughts on this rifle?  Thanks,  Fred

OK, so no one is familiar with John Coons as a rifle about your thoughts on some of the characteristics found on this rifle.  Have you seen a similar side plate or molding line on the butt stock on other makers/schools work?  How about the size, shape, and attachment of the patch box and something that really intrigues me is the relatively flat curve and the very flat heel extension of the butt plate (early rifle characteristics??).  Triggers, trigger guard?  I know that I am asking a lot from a poor 46 year old xerox of a picture in Muzzle Blast but there is a lot of knowledge and talent on this forum.  My hope is that the rifle still exists because I think that it could add to our knowledge of early southern mountain or piedmont rifles.  Maybe someone has an October, 1970, Muzzle Blast and could post a  better picture.     Thanks,  Fred 

Mike Brooks:
Looks like a Rowan Co. NC gun to me.

Eric Kettenburg:
I feel pretty sure George covered another gun that was extremely similar maybe sometime in the mid-90s in MB but unfortunately I can't remember the issue or year.  I'll have to go look and see if I still have a copy; I haven't saved 25 years worth of magazines but I have saved many of his 'Longrifles...' articles if the piece was interesting to me.

I owned two of the Whitson rifles and still have one of them. This does not even resemble a Whitson rifle.


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