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Muzzle Blast, October, 1970 "A Longrifle of Note"

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Y'all do know that all of Shumway's articles have been published in book form, right? No need to rely on xeroxed copies.

Definitely looks like an NC rifle to me. Michael Briggs had a rifle or two with that flat heel extension on display at the Knoxville KRA show a month back.

Old thread but I bring up an image problem I've had since joining.  MANY older threads don't show the image, just a big blank spot where it was/is.  Can anyone tell me if THEY see the image on this thread?  90% of the older threads with pictures just show "502 error" or a blank. 

Keith Zimmerman:
No pic.

Jerry Noble's and Tom Moore's compendium on American gunsmiths titled "Gun Trade in America" has a listing for: Jacob, John, Henry and Napolean Koons/Coons working at Harpers Ferry, WV in 1822 to 1850. Maybe this "John" is our guy.

Shelby Gallien

rich pierce:
I fixed the picture issue. Moderators cannot review and fix every post from the past as a scheduled task. But we are happy to try to restore images on request. Let us know. We’ll try. In some cases the images were hosted in a spot no longer available.


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