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Painting Horns
« on: May 26, 2017, 03:49:07 PM »
 I thought I had posted this once before as a stand alone Tutorial but do not see it.

  Once the horn is shaped the base and the bands fit (NOT attached just fit) it is sanded with 80 grit paper, to give the paint a tooth to wrap around. Make sure there is no oil, even from fingers on it or the paint, being water based will not stick. If as you apply the paint you see a spot where it looks as though the paint wonít stick it is because of oil, wipe/sand off the paint and start again. Once coated let it dry at least 24 hours, I usually wait a couple days. Now sand with 120 and paint again, in some spots the paint will be thin and will sand through, thatís ok. Now paint it again, watch for oil spots again. I usually put 3 coats on, light sanding,120, between all. You do not want it real smooth but something like an Egg shell finish. I use a powder Milk Paint this is supposed to be mixed 50/50 I use a little thicker mix, maybe 60/40. Use warm water and be sure there are no little balls of unmixed paint in the cup. As soon as you start to paint you will see if it is covering right and can adjust the mix as needed, just not too thin. For the first attempt I would suggest trying it on a horn, you can always scrape it off. 
 I mix Danish oil, brand name Watco, and a little, Iím talkín a table spoon of oil and a drop or two of Light Brown oil based leather dye, Fiebingís for the finish. Shake it up, paint it on and wipe off immediately, once again let it dry a couple days. If it looks like you want rub it lightly with 0000 steel wool, if not repeat, coat with Brown shoe polish, this helps the bands slide back in place. Although they, the bands, may be a little off because of the thickness of the paint, never been a problem. Assemble the horn, assuming you have stained the base and colored the bands as needed. Brush on some more polish and  buff.
 I have probably done a dozen and have never had a complaint.
  Hope this makes sense.

     Tim C.

PS: The Milk Paint is Old Fashioned Milk Paint, Woodcrafters carries it or they have a website.
They sell a binder, Exta-Bond, for non-porous surfaces but I have never tried it.
 I also used their Sea Green color and it looked pretty good too. TC 

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