Author Topic: Please Read This Before Opening a New Topic Or Replying In This Forum  (Read 16374 times)

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Please Read This Before Opening a New Topic Or Replying In This Forum

What to expect and how to help manage what happens when you post pictures of a rifle on this Collector’s forum.

People have different tastes. Some know much more about the American Long Rifle than others. If they are members of this site, they are probably fans of the guns we collect!!  They are also social beings (humans) and some of them like the interaction with others on the site while others are less gregarious. Many of us who are hobby collectors vs. experienced masters enjoy the opportunity to interact and learn from the masters. This has long been one of the most treasured attributes of ALR. We all have a responsibility to make this a great experience for the others with whom we share membership:

1.   Collections are often very valuable and simply letting the public know that one has a large collection of valuable American Long Rifles increases the risk of attempted theft. We appreciate your willingness to share your collectibles with us.
2.   Values of collectible original rifles are private matters between buyers and sellers and any discussions about such should take place in private messaging or on the phone and not on this forum.  If your rifle is for sale it can be listed on the For-Sale Thread with an asking price.
3.   Posting a gun by a well-known builder is educational.  Collectors may wish for highly informed discussion, comparing features among schools, stages of a builder's career (George Schroyer for example), etc.  Regardless of motive, you risk critique which may offend or even diminish sale value, or insipid generic praise.
4.   If you want comments about your collectible rifle, ask for specifically what you want.  If you really want comments only from people who are experienced collectors...say so. It is perfectly OK to ask for what you want and from whom you want it.  That may help some of the rest of us to not waste your time nor make fools of ourselves. 😊
5.   If you want people to simply view and enjoy your rifle and not make comments you can lock your topic.
6.   If you are commenting on someone else’s collectible…… stop and think about how qualified you are to comment... Questions are always appropriate.
7.  If you start a topic and it's not going well, you may lock it or remove it yourself by using the "Lock Topic" or "Remove Topic" buttons located below the last reply in the thread.
8.  If you would like to receive comments on your longrifle, or just want to share pictures of it with ALR, BUT you do not want to be identified as the owner of the item, you may send the pictures and info on the piece to any of the ALR Moderators or Admins and we will post it for you.
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