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An original NC banded horn

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Dennis Glazener:
I can not remember if I have shown photos of this horn or not. But seeing Michael Briggs interesting Mecklenburg County NC horn reminded me that some might enjoy seeing this one. It belongs to a Cousin of mine and was handed down through his family with the Gillespie rifle owned by his grandfather.

I am sorry about the poor photos but these are all I have.

I had a couple of people that were knowledgeable about NC horns tell me that they felt sure the horn was originally made at Old Salem in one of the Moravian trade shops. One of them told me that he had seen tools there that he was sure were used to make powder horns. I have no idea if this is where it was made or not but the horn and rifle came from that general area of NC

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Cades Cove Fiddler:
 ;D ;D... Thanx, Dennis... remarkable horn... !!! ..(and rifle)... !!!

rich pierce:
My goodness what a horn!

Tim Crosby:
 Neat, certainly at one time it had an applied tip, what a loss.

  Tim C.

 A link to Michael's horn:

That is a great horn. I love to see them well used. The old boy was a hunter with all that wear. Thanks for sharing.


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