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090429-1 Unknown (Ohio?)


x.x.x.x.x.x.  stamped around the muzzle end.Also please note small spur at bottom of front trigger.
Dimensions as per Alexanders newest book.(Grenville)
A; barrel length...43"
B; barrel width at breach .888
C; min. width .810 (11" from muzzle )
D; width at muzzle .844
E; width of lower forestock ahead of panel 1.285
F;  width of wrist behind panel 1.285
G; width of wrist at nose of comb 1.340
H; length of cheeck pc. 5.550
I; height of butt plate 4.350
J; width of butt plate 1.200
K; width of butt plate toe .615
L; height of wrist at nose of comb 1.860
M; height of wrist at breech 1.860
N; trigger reach 13 3/4"
O; rear ramrod pipe  N/A
P; length of tang of O  N/A
Q; ramrod pipe overall length , front is 1.186 rear is 1.206
R; decorative rings on rr pipes aprox. .055 from each end,of each pipe
S; muzzle cap length N/A

[img width=700 height=528]


It appears to be a pretty generic half stock that could have been made in amost any gun making state.

I hope there is  additional information coming, because this rifle has a couple of interesting details. It appears to be iron mounted, which is not that common on later halfstocks. Further, it has a longer two screw tang, most often associated with "southern" guns made below the Ohio River. It also appears that the guard's front extension is attached with a wood screw rather than pin, and the gun overall is in good oriignal condition. It would be nice to know if any initials, or a name, is on the barrel, altho the sight location appears slid back, indicating the barrel has been shortened perhaps 5 to 6 inches, so any name may be lost.  I wouldn't be surpirsed if this gun turns out to be made somehwere south of Ohio.


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