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New books by Dr. James Whisker
« on: March 13, 2017, 07:18:32 PM »
Dr. James Whisker has a couple of new books out, below is information on the 2 new ones and a listing of others that he has available. His contact information is shown below.

    I have 2  new books out
    Gunsmiths of New Hampshire, $25 ppd
    Arms Makers  of Rhode Island, $25 ppd
    The Man at Arms published book by William Achtermeier on Rhode Island arms has long been out of print.
    Mine benefits from that book and adds many more names along w/ additional information on some of those previously published names.
    There has never been [to my knowledge] a book on New Hampshire gunmakers. The checklist offered by a NH library is far from complete.
    Both books emphasize the gunmakers themselves and address both civilian arms and military small arms production.
    Both books are softcover 8.5 by 11" size.
    These join the following paperback books I have published previously.
    Gunsmiths of Virginia [my 3rd book on VA], $30 ppd. much new information, additional names
    Gunsmiths of Missouri, $25 ppd. many names not in the other MO gunsmith book & no photo duplication
    Gunsmiths of Georgia [w/ Wayne Elliott], $20 ppd, sole book on its subject
    Gunsmiths of Tennessee, $25 pp, only book on these arms makers
    It should be obvious that I am not making $$$$$$$ on these books given short run costs to print.
    James B Whisker
    338 E Main St
    Everett PA 15537
    I have now published or have in the works gunsmiths of 14 states plus many areas of PA

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