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John Derr swivel rifle (possibly rifle/shotgun combination)


Hello everyone, I am a retired FFL and do appraisals for auction houses, collectors, museums, etc. I have a swivel rifle by John Derr inbound from a client who has zero information on it other that the maker. My question is does anyone have any information about the maker other that he was located in Berks County, PA. I know he was a blacksmith, pewtersmith and gunsmith. But I know little else. Any ideas on rarity of his swivel rifles? I'm trying to do the best job possible for my customer but information is sparse so far.

If someone could guide me on posting pictures I would be very happy to post several that could go into your virtual museum to assist others.

Also, in the pictures he provided it appears to me that possibly one barrel is rifled and the other appears to be smoothbore. A very handy item in that era in my opinion.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Jim Hinton aka OldHoosier62

Bill Paton:

I sent you a Personal Message. Please email me at or call me at 907-230-3600 (three hours earlier than Central Time.

Bill Paton

Will do Bill. Am appraising a knife and sword collection today. will be this evening or tomorrow.


Sorry folks, had a bit of a medical scare and just got back to business.

Customer has decided to auction off the rifle and his estate. Here is the link to the rifle with lots of pictures.

Again, apologies for the delay in responding.



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