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The Lucky Bag...Unusual Items for Muzzleloading and ?
« on: June 19, 2013, 11:40:53 PM »

Since the early days of the United States Navy, every vessel in the fleet has put to sea with a locker known as the ďlucky bag.Ē  During the voyage, any personal items lost by sailors or found adrift about the ship are stowed in the lucky bag.  Then, from time to time, unclaimed items are auctioned off to the rest of the crew.  Since sailors are consummate collectors of the unusual, the opening of the Lucky Bag is always cause for much interest aboard ship.

This site is inspired by that tradition.  The Lucky Bag is a collection of items ó some useful, some beautiful, some odd ó that donít always follow a common theme.  Though at present most of our products are accouterments for muzzleloading firearms, itís difficult to predict what might appear in this space from week to week.

Whether you are a mariner, an artisan, a muzzleloading enthusiast, or one of the simply curious,  we hope youíll enjoy rummaging through The Lucky Bag.

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