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Frederick Arn Rifle
« on: August 09, 2018, 04:46:16 AM »
I have an old 31 caliber squirrel rifle with a 42” long 7/8” octagon barrel that I have been doing some research on. The marking on the barrel is hard to see, but I managed to take some good close up pictures, and make out what I believed to be the name. The Barrel is maker marked F.Arn. I have been trying to identify the maker for some time and I finally managed to come up with some info on the gunsmith Frederick Arn. Sr. According to a WV newspaper “The Pleasants County Leader Obituary (August 4, 1923) He was born in Bern Switzerland in 1842 and died in 1923. (Note-his tombstone reads (1843 - 1923) He reportedly came to the US in 1852 and settled in Pleasants County WV in 1859. He was a veteran of the Civil War and served in Company F 14th W VA Infantry. He is listed as a gunsmith operating in Plesants County WV in the 1880s. I added some pics of the gun and his grave marker that is located in Point Lookout Cemetery in Pleasants County, WV. 

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Re: Frederick Arn Rifle
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I've seen a similar cheekpiece in a long rifle book before. I'm thinking Bill Ivey"s book. 
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Re: Frederick Arn Rifle
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 :o :o... "doll-head" barrel breech-plug tang similar to Gillespie NC guns,... 6 groove rifling .... unusual cheek-rest,... !!! ... interesting rifle,...... post any further findings,... !!!

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Re: Frederick Arn Rifle
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I had a Zebulon Sheetz rifle that had that same design on the cheek side.   I always thought Zeb made the rifle when he was in Indiana after he left here.   However, the family who owned the rifle previously said it was in their family since new & they was from WV.  I think that is on a few rifles from IL, OH & maybe IN.  Kind of rare on a WV rifle.

Frederick Arn is listed in Whiskers WV book.  He says he was born in Switzerland. Settled in Pleasnats County 1859.  Feb, 1865. Joined the Union Army , Co F ,14Th Infantry.  Mustered out in Wheeling June 1865. He drew a pension for disabilty.  In 1874 he married Sarah Huffman. 

There is more but mostly what you already have. I believe that is the first rifle I ever seen made by him. Thanks for sharing.

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