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I have been shooting muzzleloaders for several years but do not know much about prices on original guns or what to look for to insure one is not a forgery. I have an opportunity to purchase two rifles (one flintlock and one percussion). Neither has any markers marks that I can tell. The flintlock is brass mounted with a sliding wooden patch box.

Is there any reference material concerning prices?


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Re: Price?
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There are folks here who can tell you what you are looking at, but you need to post some decent photographs of the two rifles. With no real description of the items and no photos, asking what they are and how much they are worth is like asking how long a piece of
string is. Everyone will have a different opinion.
There are a million questions to be asked about your finds: is the percussion a conversion from flint; do the guns have carved stocks; have they been cut down; are there inlays; one has a wooden sliding box lid, does the other have a brass patchbox; and I could go on all night coming up with more. Good chance that they are original pieces, but who knows?
Please include some dimensions with your photos, as well.