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B.W. Amsden - NY (Saratoga Springs) 090602-1
« on: June 07, 2009, 05:31:42 AM »
Right barrel .430 rifled with no gain twist & left barrel .440 smooth

Barrels 26" long with slight tapering to .675" at the muzzles

Pull at 13"

Heel to toe 4.25"


This is an exceptional New York double rifle. The engraving, chasing, and general decorative metal work is extensive and extremely fine for an American rifle.  The hammers are small works of art in themselves, with a European flavor.  It's a great example of the best of New York gunmaking, and will represent the state well in the museum.


A fine rifle by a famous New York maker.  I love those "dolphin-head" hammers.


Now, this is a real 'Gee Whiz' rifle! If you owned this one, what need would you have for any others? It is a glorious double gun and in a class by itself. Send it on to the Museum as quickly as you can, and then send the rifle to me.


Here is the link to the public commentary about B. W Amsden and this gun.
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