Author Topic: Consider Submitting your Firearm to the Bruce Miller Library & Museum  (Read 12528 times)

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We now have some new help with the Bruce Miller Library and Museum and want to see if we can get the library growing again.   If you have an original longrifle, fowler, pistol, horn or pouch  that you would like to share with ALR users,   please e-mail Mark Elliott at    We would need good photos of the object.    A brief description of the object or data sheet would be appreciated but not required.  If you need some help taking or editing the photos, we can help with that.   If fact, we can do the photo editing for you.  We will also work with you on the data sheet if you are willing to share that sort of information.   If you have a nice firearm you would like to submit to the library, but no photos or don't want to take them,  and live in the Richmond,VA area;  Mark Elliott will photograph the firearm for free.    Just send an e-mail for details.   We want to make this as easy as possible.   

In order to submit a firearm to the library,  you must be the current owner of the firearm or have the permission (an e-mail will do) of the current owner, and either took the photos yourself or have the permission (an e-mail will do) of the person who took the photos. 

As before, owners will remain anonymous

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