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Re: Lead Free PRB
« Reply #25 on: December 01, 2018, 07:52:57 PM »
Those regulations were voted in by the tree huggers living in the Denver area. The majority were hardly Californians. People move here from all over the country.

I've hunted and fly fished Colorado since 1954 every year. We had a cabin in the remote mountains. I took it over when dad died. We/I spent more time in the cabin than in Calif. All Calif. offered me was a good trucking job. I was just based there but hated it. Although living at 7500ft in Big Bear helped some. I retired early and came to Colorado full time. I never considered myself as coming from Calif. I just slept there now and then when back to the west coast. As an owner operator trucker. I was free to go where I wanted to and take as much time off as I wanted. I was my own boss.

Originally, i'm from Mass.

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Re: Lead Free PRB
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I see some room for debate on lead shot in hard hunted areas with hard bottoms.  The other places I think it is a matter of convenience to make everyone lead free for easy enforcement.  In California, the total ban is clearly an anti hunting/ anti gun move.  I studied the detail of how the law was passed.  The scientific side was fabricated deeply flawed.  T study done by a environmentalist shill at UC Santa Cruz. .  The data was destroyed before it could be properly evaluated.

Exactly, same here.

The photos of "lead-poisoned" ducks that were used as proof, were lost cripples they'd picked up/retrieved at a private club in Ontario (sneeked in after the season). The Xrays were taken at all different angles to show shot in the gizzards.  No 2 ducks were Xrayed at the same angle.  Of course, many of these birds also had the odd lead pellet in the guts, legs, breasts or wings - but you are supposed to ignore that- the government did.

I know a number of guys who carry some steel shot - to show the game warden's magnet, but stopped using them for actually hunting, as nothing wounds as badly as steel & tungsten & bismuth  is too expensive.

"a gun without hammers is like a spaniel without ears" King George V

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Re: Lead Free PRB
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And we've had so many good folks leave ca that I am not sure if we can fix the problems anymore.