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Bruce Miller Virtual Library & Museum Submission Information.
« on: December 09, 2008, 05:40:30 PM »
Welcome to the Bruce Miller Virtual Library & Museum

Enjoy the display of unique  American folk art presented here and don't hesitate to email Seth Isaacson at with questions or comments.

Our vision is to develop the most extensive "library" of pictures, biographies, facts and information for collectors (old and new), students, and scholars available anywhere in the world.

Please help us build this virtual library resource for all to study and enjoy by sending photos of items in your collection.

Note:   In order to submit a firearm to the library,  you must be the current owner of the firearm or have the permission (an e-mail will do) of the current owner, and either took the photos yourself or have the permission (an e-mail will do) of the person who took the photos. 

The content of the Bruce Miller Virtual Library & Museum is for personal and educational use only.   None of the content (photos, images, original post or replies) may be used for any commercial purposes.   

The AmericanLongrifles Forums and the Bruce Miller Virtual Library & Museum are non-profit, all volunteer, with all work and content provided free of charge for the free access to ALL. Donations are taken to cover operations costs and may be made here;

Submissions may be sent to: to get the process started.

Good photos are a minimum requirement for a library submission. A brief description or data sheet is also appreciated, but not required.  We can provide advise on the photography as well as any necessary editing of your images.  If you have a firearm you would like added to the library, but do not have good photos and do not want to take them,  professional quality photos may be taken for free if you live in the greater Richmond, VA area.  You will get a full resolution digital copy of the photos posted to the library for your trouble.    We want to include your original object and will provide as much assistance as we can in the submission process.  You just need to send an e-mail to to start the process. 

Please join us in an effort to preserve and share the history of the American Longrifle and the artisans who made them.   

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