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A few questions about the John Tansel "flying fish horn" shown recently on the Blog Site.....

first, does anyone know what the paper glued to the rear plug says...?
Second, who thinks he was a left handed carver...most of his shading lines
seem to slant from the top down to the me this seems like a natural left handed stroke?
Just wondering.

Tim Crosby:
 Good eye Tim, I blew that thing up to 425 when I looked at it and completely missed the plug but I am glad you posted on it to get me to take another look.  I have no idea what that says.
 As to the left handedness, it could be but it could also be the way he held the horn, could have been upside down.
 It is an outstanding piece of work no matter what hand was used.

Tim C.

Cory Joe Stewart:
Thanks TC, I was going to start a thread on that myself.  The plug was the first thing I noticed.  At first I thought it was paint but then I saw the faint writing on it.  Very interesting stuff.


G. Elsenbeck:
From my first glance and guess the writing at above of the staple appears to say 'battle of' and to the left of the staple appears to be 'July'. 
T.C. couldn't that be a very light piece of leather rather than paper?  The marks on look more like 'scuffs' you would note on naked leather. It would be nice if a date could be found.

It could be a thin alum type book binders tannage...thats true...that would be a better long term solution than paper...someone sure wanted to commemorate where the horn served...and whom I expect...I think Francis has several Ft.Meigs 1812 horns...but John?? Maybe Shelby will check in and knows this piece.... 


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