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Shreckengost, W. 110220-2
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This rifle qualifies as a high quality, high end piece which is as good as they get. The buyer paid extra to get a gun this fine; deluxe engraving, premium wood and engraved silver inlays. Hope that someone does a book on this remarkable family of gun makers, soon. This one belongs in the S'gost special section in the Library and the sooner the better.
This is another great Shreckengost rifle with his distinctive end-hinged capbox, large flaring side plate and cheek inlay, and his deeply cut and elaborate engraving on his mountings. This is a great rifle in great condition. My only disappointment is that the signature photo seems to have centered on the full last name and clipped off the first initial. I think the smaller inlays on either side of the tang at the tail screw are a very nice touch on this rifle.
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