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Bowmanstown Shoot
« on: June 15, 2009, 04:27:12 AM »
Roger thanks again for having us Harveys Lake fellas at your shoot. I hope my friends dont mind me saying that we enjoyed ourselves with the friendly atmosphere and the fine folks you have there. You have a very efficient and safe program, top notch. We are coming back, you can count on that.   Steve :)
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Re: Bowmanstown Shoot
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2009, 06:14:39 PM »
I'm sure Roger will chime in here but it was great to see all the new faces at the shoot. Good to hear you enjoyed it.

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Re: Bowmanstown Shoot
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2009, 05:54:28 PM »
We strive to run  a good shoot and we are lucky in that we have folks that help run 'em...!

We need more shooters so bring them along beginners or experts.

We also need ideas to improve the shoots......matches, targets, prizes etc...incl how do we get more folks to shoot smoothbore, chunk and/or the novelty silhouttes??

Comments good or bad welcome.  We can't fix it if we are not made aware of what if anything is wrong...   So, don't hesitate to give us a blast. ::)

We have considered cage girls; but we are gun shy in that respect. ;) ;D :P
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Re: Bowmanstown Shoot
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2009, 06:16:48 PM »
Roger, PM sent. Ed