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Glaze,G.W. 20181203-1
« on: January 04, 2019, 02:35:29 AM »


This is one of the finest George Glaze rifles I have ever seen, with great butt carving and what is probably a unique patchbox with a small Virginia acorn finial. The rifle has forestock inlays [not clearly shown] and a cheek inlay with downward swooping eagle, plus a great signature. This gun is hard to find fault with, and makes a great addition to the Library.

I only regret, with a rifle this fine and representing the best of this maker's work, that we don't have a better picture of the forestock with its inlays, the forestock molding termination and nose cap at the muzzle, or the side plate. But with a gun this great, I'll take what I can get.

One detail puzzles me. There appears to be a hole in the lower rear edge of the cheekpiece. Is it a vent pick holder???...since the brass inlay below the cheekpiece looks decorative and doesn't appear to hold a vent pick.

This is an outstanding WVA rifle and clearly deserves a spot in the Library. This is only the second Glaze piece that has come to my attention. The other was a silver clad half stock that was also top notch. ... The laboriously drilled vent pick hole in the cheek rest is a very refined detail which is seldom seen. Condition and finish are quite pleasing and what we like to find; the patchbox is very finely designed and executed. This gun is definitely Library material.

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