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Long, J 130101-1
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Hard to argue with this one. It has Joe written all over. A very nice example of an Upper Susquehanna duplex in the late percussion era.
Is this rifle signed? Most of Long's work is, but now and then, one shows up that is clearly from his hand, but bears no signature.
This is a fine swivel breech gun and it would be nice to have some basic data for it. As XXXX has observed, this gun is almost certainly from Long's shop and is one of a relatively few swivel breech pieces that I have seen from his bench.
A noteworthy feature of this gun, and the others, is that it is fully wood paneled out to the muzzles. This is a tradition that remained with only a few swivel gun makers of that period in which Long worked. Even the celebrated Nicholas Hawk swivels were only brass paneled.
This is a very attractive gun and has the tasteful silver inlays and brass funiture that is charcteristic of a Long built rifle. I have always wondered however, why he didn't engrave more often. The lock and side plate on this rifle have nice patterns; he could have done that on the patchboxes as well, but for some reason chose not to.
This is an interesting rifle that is worthy of inclusion but I am most intrigued by the engraving on the lock and sideplate.  Joe Long, although a great maker, was not much of an engraver.  That is not to say that he didn't engrave his rifles but the examples are very, very limited.  Let us know if it signed, please, and if it is not, I would not necessary go too quickly concluding that this is a Joe Long (or was the Lock and sideplate made by someone else or purchased?).
 Another similar double, both barrels signed "Long" has both lock plates similarly engraved.

A wonderful example of an Upper Susquehanna River swivel-breech.
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