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Faux twist barrel finish

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Craig Wilcox:
A lot of thinking, and a LOT of work!  And your result shows the benefits of both.

Really nice!

Impressive work. Well done.

Thank you for your comments guys.  Experimenting a lot ahead of time helped me have an educated guess at what sort of outcome a technique would give, and some of it  was done by the seat of my pants!   I think the finish will be fairly durable, and the coating I put on it is resistant to oils, denatured alcohol and some solvents according to my tests.  Straight acetone will remove it with vigorous rubbing and a rag.  I plan on adding another coat when I'm satisfied that it is fully cured.

Thanks, Curtis

Curtis - that is amazing work. Truly amazing.

Here's one to try for. You can do it!! Have faith.

Here's a pair of Suhl bls from a double rifle.

Your work so far is very close to this French percussion flintlock.


Nice, Daryl!  I think I'll start working on a double like that Suhl tomorrow! 



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