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Lamb, William 090626-4
« on: July 06, 2009, 07:33:14 PM »


These North Carolina Guns.( Lamb, Gardner, etc) are here at the request of XXXX who would like them also be displayed by maker.

I like the inlays and the piano finish which sets them off very well. The front sight is an ornament in its own right and though a small detail, goes with the rest of the rifle; everything about it is subtle. Nice!


Nice gun with what appears to be an intentionally darkened surface. But XXXX now has me curious... What are "piano" fish?

Beats the heck out of me! What are piano fish anyway? I commented that the stock has a piano finish on it (dark to the point of being opaque on some occasions) and darned if I didn't fail to mention the fish. They are unusual and very nice. So often Carolina inlays have geometric designs and not much else, whereas this gun has some life forms as indicated by the fish.

I happen to like the sturgeon fish motiffs personally, and we have to wonder why fish are used at all when other animal life is rarely seen. The eagle is ubiquitous of course, and some question why it is so popular. There is no lack of material in nature to represent on rifle art.
Could this be one of the arts and mysteries of the gunmaking trade?


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Re: Lamb, William 090626-4
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I believe the fish are meant to be Christian Fish. It is my rifle so my opinion should count for something. (Laughs)

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