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Shennefelt 090705-2
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This rifle is pictured on pages 230-231 of “Behold the Long Rifle” by Roy Chandler and James Whisker as well as on page 134 of “Gunsmiths of Bedford, Fulton, Huntingdon and Somerset Counties” by James B. Whisker and Larry W. Yantz.

The 4 lobed silver decoration appears to bear the initials “EB”. Unfortunately I have no idea who that may be.


A fine example of Shennefelt's work!

I especially like the tang with the inlay running over the top of it!
My only disappointment is that the light background in the photographs has pretty much washed out the fine details on the rifle.

For some reason, my computer is not getting good resolution on this set of photographs. But, there are enough details to see that this is a very fine rifle with a lot of artistry displayed on it. Nicholas Shennefelt was a premier mid state maker in PA and his best rifles show that he was very talented. The composition and arrangement of the inlays on this rifle are very good. This piece clearly belongs in the Library. Like many Huntingdon County guns, it has the rich piano finish, and turned front trigger. Nice touches!
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