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Armstrong 090705-1
« on: July 07, 2009, 04:05:38 PM »
Armstrong measurements
OAL..........58"----------BBL .......42 11/16----------cal.40 ----breech.....31/32  tapers to 7/8 flares to15/16
Length of pull ....13 1/2 "
drop at comb......1 1/2"
drop at heel.......3 7/8"
Lock ................4 13/16 long......13/16 wide

Armstrong measurements

Additional Photos 7/7/09



No doubt the real deal, and a spectacular example of Armstrongs work!
From the original signed percussion lock and the wonderful eagle on the cheek piece, this rifle seems to have all the makers signature bells and whistles! This rifle has to rate as one of his best, and will be a fantastic addition to the library in my humble opinion.


A truly superb Armstrong rifle!

Let me add my voice to that of the others and just say "Send it on!!!" This is certainly one of Armstrong's best rifles and that it has stayed percussion is nothing short of amazing, for it was made as such. The decorative elements on the rifle are superb and have the balance and proportion that makes his finest work so attractive.

Classic example of John Armstrong's art. Has all of his earlier artistic elements in this later work. Only the hunter's star barrel wedge escutcheon appears to be replaced.
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