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Sherwood,Samuel Todd 20190621-1
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Samuel Todd Sherwood   
Doddridge County West Virginia Gunsmith

Samuel Todd Sherwood, known as Todd Sherwood in the local community, was born on July 7, 1828 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  Samuel is the son of Joseph and Mary Sherwood.  The Sherwood family moved to West Union in Doddridge County, West Virginia in 1838 when Samuel was 10 years old.  Samuel Todd Sherwood married Drusilla Bland on Nov. 17, 1853 and had they four children named Mary, Sarah, Joseph Wayne and Lucy Ellen. Samuel and Drusilla purchased land on the banks of Meathouse Fork of Middle Island Creek near the community of Blandville in New Milton District of Doddridge County.  Samuel T. Sherwood first shows up as a Gunsmith in the 1860 US Census.

A Todd Sherwood was enumerated in the 1850 US Census living with the family of John and Mahala Engle in West Union, WV.  John is the oldest son of Ezra Engle and older brother of James E. Engle, both gunsmiths from neighboring Tyler County.  We are still trying to determine where Samuel Todd Sherwood worked as an apprentice.  His rifles appear to be closely related to the Patterson Rifles from Fairmont, WV but we have not been able to make a positive connection.

Sherwood marked his rifles S.T.S in block letters but there are a few rifles which are known to have been marked in script letters S.T.S

The rifle shown below is a beautiful example of Sherwood’s work with a carved brass cap box, butt plate and trigger guard along with the coin silver inlays including a nice acorn inlay and the flowers on the cheek piece.  The rifle has a 39 ˝ inch barrel, 32 caliber and is 7/8 inch across the flats.