Author Topic: Powder Predicament  (Read 3559 times)

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Re: Powder Predicament
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Clark B. That is a great deal. Dave and his crew at Buffalo Arms are fun to deal with. I had the opportunity to work with him when I "called the match" at the Oregon B.P.C.R. State shoot in 2018. He is a heck of a shot and a darn nice guy. Guess I know where I will be buying my powder from now on.
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Re: Powder Predicament
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I have plenty of powder and won't likely HAVE to order any in the real near future but I probably will anyway . I used to order 12lb 2f ,12lb 3f and 1lb 4f but the last couple of orders I just bought 24 lb 2f and 1 lb 4f . My guns all like the 2f except the .36 Remington . Usually get mine from Graf .

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