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Anthony Fricker-- PA. Gunsmith
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I just finished reading an excellent presentation by Ed Flanagan in Bulletin #84 on the American Society of  Arms Collectors website. For those who have not previously read it, it is worth the investment of time. The piece is centered on gunsmith Anthony Fricker of Womelsdorf in Berks County and covers the period of his gunsmith activities up to his death in 1821.
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Re: Anthony Fricker-- PA. Gunsmith
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Relative to this posting about the Ed Flanagan paper on Fricker, and Flanagan's analysis/hypothesis concerning who purchased and used the rifles, smooth rifles, and fowlers produced in the early 19th Century* developed by extrapolating the data from both Fricker's and Leonard Reedy's business ledgers.

I'm hoping to get some comments about Flanagan's theories from some of the Kentucky Firearms Historians on this forum.

Ref: ASAC Bulletin #84 Spring 2001

*At least in the Womelsdorf area of Pa.
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