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Re: Morphy Auction
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I think the message is that Dan Starks, the dude behind the 100 million dollar museum and as pictured in the Forbes article (link in my initial post) looks a lot like "Lurch" from the Munster's.

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Re: Morphy Auction
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I think we are getting well off track discussing the finances of some collector. Please discuss the collectables. 
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Re: Morphy Auction
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Actually, this museum will be a great place to visit.

The firearm collection looks extensive from the brief shots of it in their video, but seems to be mostly automatic weapons and crew served weapons. Many tracked vehicles, etc.

The only flintlock shown in the video is the Dutch musket from Morphy's Auctions Oct 2019 auction. Seeing as how the museum has a military history theme, I doubt that there are many longrifles.
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