Author Topic: Gun flint found on Civil War site  (Read 4237 times)

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Re: Gun flint found on Civil War site
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Back in the mid-70s, the Warrenton Gun Shop in Warrenton Va, near where I was stationed at the time, was selling original flints from Harper's Ferry that were identical to the one in the picture.  I think they cost $1.50 each, but can't really remember. I only bought one--could  kick myself for not buying more-- and used it up completely in my Navy Arms Charleville musket (could kick myself again).  :(
As other posters have already said, who knows for sure about that particular flint? Very interesting find...
As an aside, about 15 years ago, I bought an original cannon flint from the shop at Museum of the Fur Trade; about 2" square, for $5. Again, shoulda bought more.