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Lets see some Jaegers

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Keith Zimmerman:
Lets see some.  Either originals or some newer builds.  Smooth or rifle.

Here is my 54 Jaeger by Craig Kern.

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here is one I just bought from a forum member here "roughneck" these are his photos, I haven't taken any yet. but it looks as good in person as it dose in these photos. it is a 62 cal. and built by Steve zihn. it shoots great, the lock is an English round faced water proof chambers. it is as fast as lightning! it has an ebony nose cap. Steve said he built this gun at least 25 years ago. he said it was the plainest jaeger  he ever built! if this is plain I would love to see the fancy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


here is one I had a hand in building about 15 years ago. it was built from a track of the wolf kit. it has a 62cal Colerain barrel, and a Davis lock. it is a shooter,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Keith Zimmerman:
Barrel length and twist?  I have a couple I will post soon.  Gonna get some good pics.  Both are originals.


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