Author Topic: Gunmakers (M) Part 2 ( Mo-Mz)  (Read 1676 times)

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Gunmakers (M) Part 2 ( Mo-Mz)
« on: December 13, 2020, 12:39:00 AM »
Morrison,  Samuel – 1826-1843 – Milton, Pa. – Morrison was a fine maker and is known to have made some percussion rifles with a “mule ear” lock.  Several of his rifles are known to have beautiful pierced patchboxes and numerous inlays.  His earliest rifles are signed “S*M” in script while others are known that are signed in block letters “Samuel Morrison – Milton, Pa.” It is known that he also had a son Samuel, Jr. who was also a gunsmith who worked in both Milton and later in the state of Illinois.  It is possible that those rifles signed in block letters were made by Samuel, Jr.   Samuel, Sr. rifles show he was a fine maker and only as more of his rifles became available for study has his importance to the area become better known.  One of the unique features of some of his rifles are the lock bolt escutcheons he used.  Several of his early rifles show dog heads and geometric plates which don’t seem to have been used by other makers in the area.  Samuel also had a connection to Joe Long of Beaver Springs.  They may have apprenticed together or simply worked together.  It should also be noted that some of the Morrison rifles have similar characteristics to rifles made by William Filman who also worked in Milton.  What their relationship might have been is unknown.  He died in Milton on May 30, 1844.

Morrison,  Samuel Gun#1

Morrison,  Samuel Gun #2 "  Mule Ear" Lock  ( this Morrison, though Upper Upper Susquehanna in form, was probably made by Samuel Morrison, Jr while in Illinois)
Samuel Morrison mule-ear. It is recognizable as his work, but is considerably different than other Morrison rifles I have seen. I make no claims as to where he made it. As you know, he worked in both Pennsylvania and Illinois. The "back-action" mule ear lock, with internal mainspring, sort of sets it apart. Note that the lockplate is stepped to flow with the lines of the false lock panel. The vital statistics are:
Overall length - 50 3/4"
Barrel length - 37 1/8"
Width across flats - 7/8" at breech & muzzle with very slight swamp
Caliber - approximately .36
Rifling - 7 groove
Length of pull - 11 7/8"
Weight - 8 lbs. 7 oz.

Morrison,  Samuel Gun #3

UPDATE 11/6/09 -  Careful observation has revealed that the gun is signed "S M" in script. This in a worn area on the top flat.

No effort is being made to enhance or remove the patina in order to bring out the signature as it is felt that history is better served by leaving the gun as is.

Mule Ear Rifle is 52" in Total Length.  36" Barrel (Uncut as far as can be determined) Caliber .40+/-  Rifled. Rifle is exceptionally well made and balanced, though not a fancy rifle. Forged hammer is a Morrison hallmark as is the handcrafted lock assembly. Inlays and patchbox are typically Morrison.

Morrison,  Samuel Gun #4

Mosser, D.E. – unknown – Danville, Pa. – identified by Gluckman.
Mower – unknown – Columbia Co., Pa. – identified by Gluckman.

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