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Upper Susquehanna Gunmakers (L) part 1 (La-Ln))
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Lake, Ira – ca. 1832 – Kauffman identified him as working in Shamokin Township, Northumberland Co.
Lapkeehler, Henry – ca. 1850 – Mifflinburg – Kauffman cites him in his book The Pennsylvania-Kentucky Rifle.
Laudenslager, Henry – ca. 1860 – Jackson/Penn Townships – he was the son of Valentine Laudenslager and the nephew of Samuel and William Laudenslager.  He used a cap box on some of his rifles instead of a patchbox. He was born April 17, 1839 and died March 22, 1912.  There are possibly two Henry Laudenslagers who produced rifles.
Laudenslager, Jacob – ca. 1850 – he was born in Penn Township around 1829 and was the son of John Laudenslager who was also a gunsmith.  He moved to Portage Co., Ohio where he worked as a gunsmith into the 1880’s.
Laudenslager, John – ca. 1840 – Penn Township – He was born in Penn Township about 1803 and was the father of Jacob and the cousin of Samuel and William.  He worked as a gunsmith near Salem until he moved to Portage Co., Ohio about 1830.  He continued to work as a gunsmith there into the 1880’s.
Laudenslager, Samuel – 1830 –1870 – Penn Township - Samuel was one of the most important members of perhaps the most prolific family of gunsmiths associated with Snyder Co.  He was born in 1811 and died in 1891.  His work indicates that he was one of the best gunsmiths in the county during his lifetime.  He was the nephew of Samuel St.Clair from whom he and his brother William learned the trade.  Later he moved to Mexico in Juniata Co. where he continued to work in the trade. He was living in Walker Township, Juniata Co. in 1850.  His guns are usually highly carved and show nice inlay and engraving.  At least one gun is signed by St.Clair and Samuel.  Most of his guns were signed “S*L” or “S+L”.  There is a strong resemblance between the guns of Samuel and William and they didn’t seem to vary their guns a lot.  Samuel did produce some swivel breech rifles. See also John George Ulrich who was his first cousin.

Laudenslager, Samuel Gun#1

Laudenslager, Samuel  Gun#2

Laudenslager, Samuel Gun#3 Swivel Breech

Laudenslager, Samuel     Gun#4     Signed “SL”  PLease note that the Barrel signature also is stamped "KISER". This is most likely a gun built by "SL", Samuel Laudenslager, reusing a Kiser barrel, thus both barrel signatures.

Laudenslager, Samuel   Gun #5

Laudenslager, Simon – ca. 1850 – he was born in Penn Township in 1820 and learned the gunsmithing trade there before moving to Summit Co., Ohio about 1850.

Wilhelm (William) Laudenslager – 1840-1860 – Penn Township/New Berlin. He was born in 1819, the younger brother of Samuel and he also is believed to have learned the trade from his uncle S.H. St.Clair.  He was living for a while in New Berlin close to Samuel Baum, Jr.  About 1860 he moved to Hancock Co., Ohio where he worked as a gunsmith and farmer until his death in 1892.  He produced fine rifles with nice incised carving.  He signed his guns in script “W*L”.

Laudenslager, William ( Wilhelm)  Gun#1

Laudenslager, William (Wilhem) Gun #2

Laudenslager, William  Gun #3 ( Attributed)          ( Courtesy Morphy's Auction)
(This gun was sold and attributed to Charles Baum in the Morphy 2010 Auction, but subsequent signature and engraving evidence strongly suggests the gun was made by Willaim Laudenslager. A similar , almost identical gun signed "W+L" has surfaced and has an identical engraved patchbox.)

Laudenslager, William  Gun #4

Lodge, Joseph – ca. 1861 – Exchange, Montour Co. – Cited by Kauffman

64.   William Lloyd – ca. 1850 – Middleburg – Ron Gabel and Gluckman identify him as a gunsmith working in Snyder Co. during the percussion period.
65.   Jonathan Lodge – ca. 1810 – Northumberland Co., Pa. identified by Gluckman.  He lived in what later became Columbia County.  Was he the father of Joseph Lodge who worked in Exchange, Montour County?
66.   George P. Long – 1843-1900 – Adams Township/New Berlin – Ewing identified one heavy match rifle signed “G.P. Long” it is not known how he was related to other members of the Long family of gunsmiths.

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