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Upper Susquehanna Gunmakers (A -Baum)
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Albright, David – ca. 1825 – Haines Twp., Centre Co. – He was the son of Jacob Albright and later moved to Stephenson Co., Illinois.  He signed his rifles in script “DA”.
Albright, Jacob – ca. 1800 – Northumberland Co. - Henry Kauffman in his book, The Pennsylvania Kentucky Rifle identifies Albright as a gunsmith who worked in Haines Township, Northumberland Co. (Centre Co. today) His guns that have been identified, show a very early Pennsylvania style.  According to research done by Merle Campbell and published by the Kentucky Rifle Association, he was the son of Jacob Albrecht a weaver who worked in York County.  He signed his rifles “*J*Alb*”.  He was the father of several other important gunsmiths.

Gun #1 Jacob Albright... "J.A." carved in cheek, one of 2 known carved this way  ( Courtesy Pook & Pook)

Albright, Jr.,  Jacob – ca. 1825 – Haines Township, Centre Co. / Wayne Co., Ohio – He signed his rifles “J Alb J”, “J Alb”, “JA”, and “J Albright”. According to Campbell, the rifles he made while in Haines Township are difficult to distinguish from those of his father.  In 1828 he moved to Mifflin County, and in 1830 to Ohio.
  Albright,Zachariah – ca. 1819-27 – Haines Twp., Centre Co. / Mifflin Co. / Bedford Co. / Illinois / Wisconsin – In 1840, he bought a number of his father’s tools at the estate sale.  He had a son Zachariah Jr. who in the 1850 census of Stephenson Co., Illinois was identified as a gunsmith.

Angstadt, David – ca. 1832 – Lewisburg/Mifflinburg - Ewing suggests that he may have been the younger brother of Gideon Angstadt.  No guns by him have been identified.
Angstadt, Gideon – 1826-1854 – Union Co. - He worked in Lewisburg during the late flint period and well into the percussion period.  A number of his guns have been identified.  He signed his rifles “G.A.” and at least one was signed “Gideon Angstadt”
Antes, William – ca. 1783 – Northumberland Co. - Kauffman and Gluckman identified him as an early gunsmith who worked in Mahoning Township, Northumberland County.  Mark Laudenslager suggests that there was also a William Antes, Jr. who worked in Northumberland Co.

Added 7.4.2012
 "William Antes"  is the noted gunsmith who started in Montgomery County.  He moved to Northumberland County and, later to Canandaigua County, New York where he died in 1810.
William's son-in-law, Jacob Markley also moved to Northumberland County and was a gunsmith there.  One of his ledger books survives (PA State Museum) and includes the statement, "work started by Antes and completed by me".
William Antes, Jr. was also, most likely, a gunsmith.  William, Sr. left his gunsmithing tools to him in his will."                    
                                                                                                                     Added by : Eric Armstrong    7.4.2012    
Baker, Jr, John . – ca1835 - New Berlin - As he was from New Berlin, Ewing suggests that he may have worked as a journeyman gunsmith in one of the Baum workshops.  Evidence of this might be found in the fact that he was living with Robert Helsley in 1835, indicating he had not established his own household by that date.  None of his guns have ever been identified.
Barger, George – unknown – Mark Laudenslager identifies him as working in Limestone Township, but no county is given.

Baum, Charles – 1832-1846 – New Berlin – He was part of the Baum Family of gunsmiths and produced both flint and percussion rifles.  In all probability, he was also the last of the Baum gunsmiths.  His guns are often highly inlayed.  After the mid 1830’s he is the only Baum assessed in New Berlin as a gunsmith.

Note: There are two distinctly different style stocks on the two guns presented. Though not proven, suggestions are that either Charles moved from Snyder Co to Ohio and made guns in both places, reflecting local preferences or that there were two individual makers, one in PA and other in Ohio.

Baum, C  #1

Baum, Charles Gun#2

Charles Baum #3

Baum, Jacob was the son of gunsmith Charles Baum and the grandson of gunsmith Samuel Baum.
1850 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Schuykill County, Pottsville Boro, Northeast Ward
Jacob Baum, age 18, occupation “Gun Smith”, residing with his parents Charles & Maria Baum.
1880 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Snyder County, Monroe Township, District 145, p. 1
Maria Baum, age 60, Widow, “Housekeeper”; Jacob Baum, age 44 single son “Gunsmith”

Baum, Sr,  Samuel – 1789-1840 – New Berlin/Danville - Samuel Baum, Sr. was one of the earliest and most important gunsmiths to have worked in central Pa. He had a shop in New Berlin and another near Danville in what is today Montour Co.  While his rifles were signed “S B”, in all probability, many were the work of journeyman gunsmiths and only the product of his shops.  His real importance must certainly be on the influence he had on numerous other gunsmiths.  Who he employed, taught, and influenced is perhaps the greatest gap in our knowledge of local gunsmiths. When his shops closed is not known, but he was not working as a gunsmith by the mid 1830’s.  A fine example of his work is available to view at the Lycoming County Historical Society in Williamsport, Pa. His gunsmithing journal is in the possession of the Packwood House Museum in Lewisburg, Pa.

Baum, Samuel Gun #1

Baum, Samuel Gun #2

Baum, Samuel  Gun#3 ( Attributed) A Rare Raised Carved Upper Susquehanna Longrifle

Baum, Samuel Gun #4

Baum, Samuel   Gun#5

Baum, Samuel #6

Baum, Jr, Samuel . – ca. 1820 – New Berlin - He was the son of Samuel Baum, Sr. and probably worked in his father’s shop in New Berlin where he later operated an inn.  In 1835 he was the postmaster in New Berlin.

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