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This "living" book began as  the collaborative effort of Rich Nornhold, Jr. , Mark Laudenslager, Jeff Spots and others dedicated to the history of  longrifle making in Synder County, PA. They developed and verified the initial list and biopgraphical information about the 140 or so gunmakers. Fred Garner, M.D. ( "Hurricane") and Bruce Miller ("Nord") , both Kentucky Rifle Association (KRA) members and  Moderators of the "Virtual Museum and Library" of collected and edited the material and pictures. Many collectors ( who have chosen to remain anonymous), both KRA and ALR  members, answered our request for contributions of pictures of Upper Susquehanna style/ School guns.

We also wish to acknowledge and thank the auction houses ( listed with each contributed gun)that have allowed us to use their internet pictures.

We welcome any others who have guns from this area to add them as well. Please email pictures to

Without everyones help, it would not have been possible.

Thank you

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