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Pistol 090830-1
« on: August 31, 2009, 02:59:32 PM »
This pistol was stocked in cherry and there are no proof marks on the barrel, so likely it’s a US made gun.

Overall length is about 13 ½".
The swamped brass barrel is 8 ½" long. 1.062 at the breech, .805 at the waist, and .830 at the muzzle. Caliber is 56, smoothbore.

The lock is stamped Ketland on the inside, and has a rounded plate and hammer. There’s no bridle on either the pan or tumbler.

The frizzen has been re-soled. Ketland locks that are marked inside seem to date c. 1770/1790.

The trigger guard and grip style are one’s that were sometimes used by some PA makers, but I think the cherry wood stock argues more for the New England area.


Where is the rest of it? Nice old pistol, early; and it is really too bad that much of the stock is missing since there are still some things that might be learned from it. Honest material though. I would like to know what the side plate looked like. The rasped sides are a nice touch on the cherry wood grip.
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