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David R. Pennington:
Here are some of my favorite tools. Not necessarily the best or prettiest, but the ones I go to most often. Many are antique, and many home made.

James Wilson Everett:
Here are some of my favorites:

Tumbler Mill

Pan Grinder

Screw Plate for machine screws

Rifling Bench

Boring Bench

Freshing Bench

Screw Plate for Wood Screws

David R. Pennington:
James, there are some treasures. I aim to build a tumbler mill someday. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your posts on traditional gun work.

Some of my favorite tools.  Some are users, and some I just enjoy.

Bullet cherries, a couple unusual spoon bits (flat tang), and a depth gage.

Some tools stamped “J.P. Willey”.  He was a gunsmith from Maine.  Unknown timeframe, but very cool tools.  I found these all at once and have never found others.

A close-up:

Screw plates.  The two smaller ones are probably watchmaker tools.

Chisels purchased together as a gunmakers set.  I really like octagonal handles.  I use them all the time.

Another set of tools from a gunmaker.  This set is more modern, with mostly Swedish tools.  I bought them all together and want to keep them that way.

🧠 my favorite tool😁


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