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Nice set of drill bits

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James Wilson Everett:

Here is a nice set of metal cutting drill bits, typical of what may be found in any 18th c. gunsmith tool chest.  They are all forged from old files, you can see the remains of the file teeth pattern on the square shanks.  The little decorative moldings are a really nice feature, the maker was quite the artist.  The sizes are from the largest at 7/16 inch diameter to the smallest at 1/8 inch diameter.  These are known as "fishtail" bits and are longer than the usual bits.  I feel quite certain the these were owned by Jacob Dickert!


rich pierce:
Brace yourself, Jim - those look like Albrechtís to me!

Robert Wolfe:
"Brace yourself"  ohhhh, that's so good it's painful.

Tim Crosby:

Craig Wilcox:
Drilling into some deep subjects.  Might get a bit boring, however.


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